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Aquaponics Kitchen Herb Garden

Many people are looking for ways in which they can produce their own food in a safe and affordable manner. Aquaponics is one of the best ways in which you can create a symbiotic relationship between fish and plants to produce a healthy and sustainable food source for the whole family. Many people think that setting up an aquaponic garden requires a great deal of space and time, whereas you can actually have something smaller, such as an aquaponic kitchen herb garden, set up inside your home. This only needs a few minutes each day to maintain and you can grow a wide variety of different plants in your aquaponics kitchen herb garden. As long as you have the space to house an aquarium then you can create your very own little herb garden which provides fresh herbs that are always available for you whilst cooking.

Setting up an aquaponics kitchen herb garden does not cost very much and you will be able to set it up very quickly and easily. The space is much more suitable for herbs than growing them outside as you are able to grow 10x as many plants in the same sized area as you would be able to in the ground. You would require a 20-30 gallon aquarium in order to start up, as well as a watering trough, a small aquarium pump and some PVC for plumbing. You will then need to position the tank at the bottom with the pump and attach a length of the PVC in order to pump the water up into the grow beds. Add a drain system to the bed which will then cycle the water back into the tank.

Once this is all set up you simply need to add the water and some fish in order to get going. Nitrifying bacteria can be added which will help to increase the speed of the first cycle and give everything a kick start. After about 3 weeks you can then start growing your herbs and reaping the benefits of your efforts. There are so many things that you can grow in your aquaponics kitchen herb garden that you are spoilt for choice. Find a few of your favourite herbs and then you can see which ones grow the best in your specific garden. Starting with some of the easier herbs at first is a good idea to help you gain confidence before trying to grow some of the more difficult plants.

Starting an aquaponics kitchen herb garden is a great idea for anyone who is interested in growing their own organic foods and wants to appreciate the amazing flavours of home grown foods.